I Monovarietali
Olio Extravergine d’Oliva Toscano - Terre del Cotto

i Monovarietali Terre del Cotto

1 - Pendolino

It is subtle and delicate to the nose, the fresh and ripe olive can perceived with a strong smell of almonds. It is very pleasant to the mouth and confirms the typical flavour of the ripe but fresh olive mated with almond. Bot long but harmonic and elegant finale.
Olfactory intensity 4
Good with: fish, mayonnaise.
To be tried: a dash of oil on pine nut ice cream.

2 - Frantoio

It offers fresh, aromatic scents of grass to the nose. It addresses the mouth with a brief sweet note that afterwards leaves space for the sweet and sour flavour of the cardoon. Very long finale with persistent sensation.
Olfactory intensity 5
Good with: crudite, capriccios, grilled meats and vegetables, soups.
To be tried: in the traditional sponge cake ingredients instead of butter

3 - Moraiolo

To the nose it clearly gives out the scent of the olive. In the mouth the sweet taste exchanges place with full bitter notes, even if not too strong considering the vintage. In the finale it expresses spicy notes very long but not too persistent
Olfactory intensity 5
Good with: chargrilled meat and fish, ribollita (bread, cabbage and beans soup), chick peas and beans.
To be tried: a dash of oil on crusty apple tart

4 - Leccino

It gives the nose scents of radicchio and greens. In the mouth it offers notes of aromatic herbs, of chicory and racket. The finale is long and intense with persistent spicy notes.
Olfactory intensity 6
Good with: oven cooked celery and cardoon. aubergines “parmigiana”, bouillabaisse.
To be tried: a dash of oil ove gorgonzola cheese.



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