From the origin

The origin of the estate, in the locality San Martini a Bagnolo above Montebuoni in the Jurisdiction of the podestà of Galluzzo, dates to 1700 in person of Mister Mattia and Vincenzo Sodi di Mattias, then handed on in 1822 to Carlo Sodi di Mattias.

A portion of the farm finds the name “Le Fornaci”, because in the time the brick-working was developed in the area , and it included: a building destined to the farmer’s home, two brick kilns of whom on used as cellar and the other for the brick-working and on building destined to the labourers.

There were further buildings of whom other two brick kilns, four houses for the farm-labourers and finally “La Colombaia”, farmhouse with threshing-floor, fire-place and sink, for about 6161. qr..

The ground was all tillable, with vines, olive-trees, orchards and one portion with poplar-groves, of whom 2/3 said “Camop della Fontanella”, at the border with the estate Conti Pecori, and 1/3 said “Campo della Casa” with the 15 rooms Manor-house, the royal vaulted cellars, the oven and the sheds for about 1255 br. qr.

In 1854 and afterwards in1860, Carlo Sodi bought more two lots of ground to form thus the actual shape of the farm that today is about 54 ha. in the locality now said “Bagnolo” in the commune of Impruneta.

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